For 25 years, we were a commercial cow/calf producer, and have been uniquely aware of the challenges that cattlemen in the ranching and farming industries have dealt with for decades. Our search for creating the perfect female that thrives in our environment on limited resources and gives the most production, while maintaining her physical condition and increasing profitability, has always been our goal.


Our focus will always be on fertility and the ability to raise a high-performing calf that is stylish and sells well year after year. This quest has led us to pursue maternally driven genetics.


We've been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to own, in our opinion, two of the best cow-makers of all-time, SAV Renown 3439 and SAV 004 Density 4336. Our cow herd will be heavily influenced by these two breed legends for generations to come.







We want to invite you to our 3rd annual Angus production sale that will take place in January 2024.  For info on our upcoming sale offering, give us a call at 605-515-4228 or email us at bdrex@gwtc.net. Click here for more information on our donor cows and embryos we currently have for sale.


We are located in western South Dakota in the heart of cow country. We enjoy raising registered Angus seedstock and performance Quarter horses. If you're ever in our area, we welcome you to stop in for a visit!

D Lazy T Ranch

Bucky & Marti Jo Derflinger

16912 Lemmon Butte Rd.

Opal, SD  57758


Phone:  605-748-2480 (home)

605-515-4228 (cell)

E-mail:  bdrex@gwtc.net

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